Company Profile
Cannassure Therapeutics is a new player in the medical cannabis field, equipped with decades of botanical extraction knowhow, a concrete scientific agenda and state of the art production facilities.

Our in-house, vertically integrated outfit is designed to produce large scale supply of GMP approved, premium cannabis extracts, derivatives, cannabinoids, terpenes & flavonoids, based on GAP in-door cultivation, and GMP operations.

Our research and development lab is up and running and our scientists are advancing on a number of forefronts. Hard hats on, we are in the advanced stages of completing our state of the art, 4000 square meter indoor, grow facility. Our 1500 square meter, production site is secured and will be ready for extracting and advanced protein and API production in January 2019.

You can expect to see Cannassure Therapeutics’ medical cannabis products on the shelves in July 2019.

Our Story
CannAssure Therapeutics was envisioned by Solbar Food Technologies, a global leader in the science of botanical extractions for the nutraceutical and food industries. Solbar looked to fulfill an unmet need in the medical cannabis market, by supplying large scale quantities of safe and consistent high grade, medical profile cannabis extracts and derivatives for pharmaceutical development and clinical indications.

With high-scale production capabilities, advanced, process engineering knowhow and an extensive distribution network, the expansion into the cannabis field was a natural evolution. Cannassure Therapeutics was founded in 2016 and Solbar is their controlling shareholder, contributing to Cannassure’s growth and success by sharing decades of accumulated knowledge in quality extraction, fast-track production, distribution and expansion.


Nir Peles,
CPA, MBA, MA(LAW), Chairman of the Board.

Mr. Peles is a seasoned entrepreneur with extensive knowledge in business development and company transformation. A former executive at Bluephoenix Solutions (NASDAQ: MDSY) and Alcobra Pharma (NASDAQ: ADHD), Mr. Peles holds a BA in Economics and Accountancy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and an MBA and MA (Law) degree from Tel Aviv and Bar Ilan Universities.

Ran Amir,
CEO and BOD Member

Mr. Amir has over 15 years of extensive international experience in operations management and management consulting. Mr. Amir has served 8 years in an executive position at The Bread Factory, a top of the range UK based food manufacturer, and 4 years as Solbar’s CEO. Mr. Amir holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering and Management and MSc in International Business from Birkbeck, University of London.

Shimon Barkama,
BSc, BOD member

Mr. Bar-Kama has extensive experience in corporate strategy and growth. He graduated with an Aeronautical Engineering degree from the Technion in Haifa, IL. Additionally, Bar-Kama served as an Israeli Air Force Fighter Pilot, both in regular and reserve service, for 32 years.

Tal Raveh,
BSc, MHA, MBA, elected as external BOD Member

Mr, Raveh is the Chief Pharmacist at Leumit Health Services, a leading health care provider in Israel with Over 700K patients and over 150 pharmacies in their medical centers. Mr. Raveh, formerly Novolog’s VP Pharmacy (TASE: NVLG), has served 10 years at Super-Pharm in several managerial positions.

Dr. Hadile Ounallah-Saad,

Dr. Ounallah-Saad brings extensive experience in drug delivery systems and drug device combinations. She holds a PhD in Medical Sciences (Neurobiology) from the Hadassah medical school, and a post doctoral training in Neurobiology from Haifa University, where she was appointed for a post doctoral fellowship, Eshkol Laurate, 2012 – 2014 on novel approaches for Alzheimer Disease therapy. Her field of expertise is neurodegenerative disorders.

Steven Eitan,
VP Strategy.

Mr. Steven Eitan brings over 30 years of experience in leading and managing international biomed and hi-tech companies. He has led companies from their initial stages up to market penetration and sales, directing their business and clinical strategy, raising finance, technological development, establishing marketing and sales structure and more. Steven has managed publicly traded companies including Exalenz Bioscience (TASE: EXEN), Micromedic Technologies (TASE: MCTC) and steered business operations in public companies on the NASDAQ including ECI Telecom (NASDAQ: ECIL) and Comverse (NASDAQ: CMVT).

Dr. Hadar Less,
Indoor Cultivation Project Manager

Dr. Less is a multi-disciplinary, R&D professional with unique expertise in Life Sciences, Genetics, and Bioinformatics. He has over a decade of experience leading R&D and operational business units for several international companies, including Syngenta and Compugen. Dr. Less holds a PhD from the Weizmann Institute of Sciences, Department of Plant Science; an MSc in physiology and immunology from the Israel Institute of Technology’s Faculty of Medicine; and a BSc in Animal Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Agriculture.

Dana Marom,
Chief Quality Manager

Mrs. Marom has over 15 years of extensive, international experience in Quality Management and R&D. She has previously served in senior management positions in companies such as GreenMarket – China and provided consulting services for the food manufacturing sector. Mrs. Marom holds a BSc in Biochemistry and Food Technology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and EMBA from the College of Management Academic Studies.

Trevor Meredith,
Development Engineer

Mr. Meredith has 40 years of experience in the fields of extraction, evaporation and drying techniques in addition to other Food Ingredient production procedures. He has held the position of QA Manager, R&D Manager, Chief Technologist and Senior Process Engineer while supporting raw material purchasing programs, international production operations and auditing international suppliers of these manufacturers. Mr. Meredith holds a Diploma in Sugar Chemistry manufacturing from the Queensland Institute of Technology and studied at The Sugar Research Institute of Australia.

Mr. Alon Bilu,
Senior Agronomist

Mr. Alon Bilu is an experienced Agronomist with vast skills in plant breeding and cultivation. He is an expert in planning and outfitting agricultural systems for plant based food and seed production. During his extensive career, he led the research department at Evogene (Nasdaq: EVGN), a leading biotech company. Mr. Bilu holds a degree in Agriculture, Food and Environmental Quality B.Sc.Agri and M.Sc.Agri from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Rehovot.

Adi Neufeld,

With 13 years of experience in various finance positions, Mr. Neufeld has served three years as the CFO of Solbar Food Technologies. Previously, Mr. Neufeld held positions at CHS Inc. U.S. Headquarters working for their Processing and Food Ingredients Division and at PWC Israel. Mr. Neufeld earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Economics from Ben-Gurion University.

Asaf Juhn,
Chief Operations Manager

With over 10 years of experience in various operations positions, Mr. Juhn gained experience in a wide range of operational aspects such as oil extraction, refining and isoflavones production. Mr. Juhn holds a BSc in Chemical Engineering from the Technion Israeli Institute of Technology.

Avraham Hermon,
Intellectual Property.

Avraham Hermon is a US Patent Agent and an Israel Patent Attorney (2006) with a B.Sc. in Chemistry from New York’s Yeshiva University and a Master’s Degree in Law from Haifa University.  Mr. Hermon has in-house experience in a number of Israeli pharmaceutical companies including Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., where he led a team of patent attorneys in providing opinion on potential new developments and prosecuting patent portfolios relating to the company’s innovation pipeline.


We are spearheading new extraction and purification techniques to produce medical grade cannaboid-based API’s and the most premium and purified range of extracts, single API’s and derivatives.  We are developing innovative cannabinoid formulations and therapeutic treatments to offer clinically proven, products that improve quality of life.  We are breeding new cannabis strains for enriched cannabinoids and for the production of the safest and most effective cannabis based products.


Cannassure’s premium, GMP approved, medicinal cannabis extracts will be pure, safe, consistent and effective. Designed to deliver the best therapeutic treatment, we will ensure quality by taking care of every step in the product life cycle from seed to packaging.

We will select ideal strains and develop de-novo genetics tailored to specific indications.

We will grow our cannabis according to GAP principles, in a fully controlled indoor environment.

We will use proprietary methods that enable the extraction of 98.7% of the active cannabinoids from the plant. The THC and CBD are effectively extracted intact together with other cannabinoids, terpenes and compounds, preserving a “full spectrum” extract, without residual solvents.

Our post production processes will allow for the separation of active cannabinoids and terpenes so that we can create a range of products with precise THC and CBD levels, of up to over 90% cannabinoids.

We will process and pack our product to ensure that the quality of the product endures and remains intact and effective for optimal treatment.

*Cannassure Therapeutics products are set to be on the shelves in June 2019.


Cannassure offers a variety of extract formulas to address a range of healthcare needs.

CBD Rich Extracts

24% 0%
20% 1%
15% 3%
10% 5%


10% 10%

THC Rich Extracts

10% 2%
15% 3%
20% 4%
10% 5%

*Cannassure Therapeutics products are set to be on the shelves in June 2019.


Cannassure Therapeutics is committed to providing, safe, effective and consistent, premium quality medical cannabis formulations, treatments, extracts, API’s and derivatives.
Our new products undergo clinical trials with recognized hospitals and medical centers.

We operate under the strict principles of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) and Good Security Practices (GSP).
Cannassure is sensitive to our environmental footprint and our operations are powered by natural gas and have zero water waste, operating in compliance with environmental regulation.


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